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Are you in Fortaleza and don't know what to do at night? Here are your options:
Friday Night in Fortaleza February,26th
MUCURIPE CLUB: Is a big entertainment complex with 5 diferents spaces including a house music club and a sushibar. There is also a special place just for local music (axé music)called Alfândega, this is the brazilians favorite one. The ticket price is R$35,00.You must go there! www.mucuripe.com.br
FARRA NA CASA ALHEIA: If you like to dance brazilian music is a great place much more simple than Mucuripe but a good place. Sometimes they have great concerts in there.The Adress of the party is. Amicic's Club, R. Dragão do Mar,80. Price R$10,00
ZUG CHOPERIA: Zug is a very popular bar in Fortaleza, it's hard to get a table but is a great place to go and stay with the local people over 30 years. They have chopp, germany food and good music!
SOMBYTE:The lounge and deep house music of a Spanish-English Dj makes a great soundtrack for a special dinner.The L´o Restaurant is one of the best and charming places to eat in Fortaleza. International Cuisine. It's near to Dragão do Mar. R.Pessoa Anta, 217. http://www.lorestaurante.com.br/onde.html
You can listen to a Carlos Francisco's music here : http://soundcloud.com/carlosfrancisco/fortaleza-bacana

Saturday Night in Fortaleza, February 27th
AMICI'S: It's the Samba's night in Fortaleza. Kind of hot and crowdy but still a good place! In the outside you can eat a great pizza. My favorite one is the "Dragão do Mar" shrimp and garlic! Adress. R. Dragão do Mar, 80
MUCURIPE CLUB: Sometimes there are concerts on saturday night at Mucuripe Club, this weekend will present an axé music singer called Tomate. The house music nightclub will be open too. The public of this kind of concert is about 18 to 25 years. Price R$35,00
ALOHA LOCA: It's in a place near Fortaleza, if you take a cab you will probably spend R$60,00 just to get there.For me, it's one of the greatest parties! This night two great local bands playing international pop-rock music! The party is in a beach named Pacheco. Is in the midlle of the way to Cumbuco. Price R$30,00
BUTIQUIM: Is an open air bar, located at a small strett but close to others restaurants. There you can find different types of Cachaça and eat the most famous appetizer of the house: The "Bolinho de Feijoada". They have also cold beer and live music. Adress. R. Frederico Borges, 27.

Sunday Night in Fortaleza, February 28th
VIGNOLI: A very different but awsome pizza. Very thin and soft, the Vignoli's pizza is very well known in Fortaleza. Adress: Rua Frederico Borges, 87
ÓRBITA BAR: Are you ready for a rock night? Orbita Bar is the place to dance on Sunday nights. 2 live bands and Djs make a very pleasure night.
Price R$18,00. Adress. R. Dragão do Mar, 207

TIP OF THE DAY:If you are not looking for tourism sex you need to avoid the bars on Praia de Iracema and the Armazém Bar.


I'm writing this blog to help all the foreign people that come to visit Fortaleza that are not looking for sexual tourism. If you are looking for this, then you are not welcome here!

Here I'll post the best places to have fun in Fortaleza, you will enjoy yourself just like a local!

I hope you like my blog and find it informative! If you need any further assistance like tips for any another places in Brazil or even in Ceará, I'll be glad to help . My email depontes@bol.com.br .
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